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3 Key Evaluations When Hiring an Agent

Here are the three key ways to evaluate your real estate agent.

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In today’s competitive real estate environment, who you work with matters. The news media is talking a lot about how hot the real estate market is, but the real story isn’t in the reports that they’re getting from the board of Realtors on a local or national level. The real story of what’s happening in the real estate market comes from the agents who are buying and selling property every day. They are the ones who will be able to guide you to achieve your goals.

With us being in the real estate market as a team of 10 people with over 30 years of combined experience, we know a thing or two about how to assess the caliber of agents in today’s industry. Here are three key ways to know if the agent you’re working with is really in alignment with what you expect and what you need for these market conditions:

1. How many homes a year are they selling? Many people think how many years of experience they have in the market is what matters, but yesterday’s market isn’t today’s market. The more homes an agent sells, the more they’re exposed to the market conditions. Here at the Holz Group, we sell a home every 68 hours. We’re showing a lot of homes, seeing a lot of properties, and communicating with many sellers and buyers in the market. We know the pulse on what each party expects in negotiations and we know the strategies it takes to win.

2. How many homes are they listing on the market in today’s market conditions? The agents that have properties hitting the market are the ones with the relationships and the connections in the industry. You want to be partnered with an agent who has relationships and connections in the industry so that you can be exposed to many different opportunities, perhaps even before they hit the market. Then you have first access and first knowledge on what might be coming down the pipeline. The more properties they’re listing, the more they also know about what it takes to get you top dollar.

“You want to be partnered with an agent who has relationships and connections in the industry.”

3. Are they willing to educate you? There are a lot of people that have questions, concerns, and fears about today’s market because it’s so intense. A true consultant that’s going to put your needs first should have a strategy session with you. They’re going to hear what you want and what you want to accomplish, and they’re going to advise on the strategies it will take to accomplish that. In this market, if you’re feeling hesitant or unsure, get educated.

If you’re thinking about selling your property or buying a new home in today’s market, reach out to us at the Holz Group. We would be honored to have a strategy conversation with you to share the tips and tricks we’re using in today’s market. We look forward to hearing from you.

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