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3 Ways To Tell If Your Agent is Top-Notch

Three questions to help you interview agents that you’d like to work with.

How can you tell that you’re working with a top-notch agent? Who you work with matters more than ever in this market. You need to interview agents to make sure you’re working with the best, and today we want to share the top three areas to focus on in those interviews:

1. Make sure the agent is full time. Real estate has an extremely low barrier to entry; agents only need 90 hours of education to get their license. There’s no requirement for work hours or experience. Make sure your agent works full time when you interview them because you deserve the best.

2. Ask about their track record. They should be able to give you clear numbers about what they can deliver for you as a buyer or seller. For example, how many homes do they sell a year? On our team, we sell a home every 48 hours. If the agent you’re interviewing can’t explain their track record, that should be a red flag.

Another few key stats to ask about are their percent of asking price to sales price and how often they win in multiple-offer situations. Here at the Holz Group, we sell homes for 6% more than asking on average. We also win multiple-offer situations 80% of the time.

3. See what services they have. Do they offer professional staging and professional photography? Do they offer guarantees, like the Next Home Guarantee we have here? Maybe they have a VIP buying program like our team does?

“You deserve to work with only the best agents.”

If you’re thinking about making a move or know someone who is, we would be honored to help. We know that you have a lot of options out there. You might even know someone in the industry already. In that case, we’d love to be a second opinion because who you work with matters in this market.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (651) 998-9829. We would love to hear from you.

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