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Don’t Wait for the Spring Market—It’s Already Here

The 2021 spring real estate market is already here—are you ready for it?

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2021’s spring market is not to be missed, and today I’ll tell you why. In a previous video, we explained the difference between a spring real estate market and Mother Nature’s spring. The spring real estate market normally starts right around the Super Bowl, which is coming up soon. The key thing to know about this year, though, is that the spring market has already started.

We’re seeing more demand than ever. Homebuyers are already out there making offers, and the longer you wait to take action (meaning the closer you get to Mother Nature’s spring), the more likely you’ll end up buying or selling with more intense competition. When buying a home, you don’t want competition; you want to be able to negotiate the best terms. When selling, you want to go live on the market when the competition is at its lowest so you can net more money.

Both buyers and sellers are taking action now. They’re putting together strategies that allow them to respond to these market conditions instead of getting caught up in all the competition happening and being forced to react.


“The longer you wait to take action,
the more likely you’ll end up buying or selling
with more intense competition.”


If you’d like to have a strategy in place so you can take action on what’s in your best interest instead of reacting to the competition, give us a call. We’d be honored to answer your questions and diagnose your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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