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How to Enter Today’s Real Estate Market

You have options when you need to sell then buy in today’s market.

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Are you considering moving but worried there won’t be anywhere to go? If this is the case, today I’m presenting your options so you have peace of mind when entering the real estate market. Frequently, the only choice people think they have is to give a contingency when selling before finding their next home. However, you have other options, especially in today’s market:

1. Bridge loans. Many lenders and financial institutions are offering bridge loans to let homeowners borrow from their current home’s equity to use when buying their next house. This gives you peace of mind that you can have all the resources you need to find the perfect next property.

2. Leaseback options. When you’re selling a home and know you need to buy another, arranging a leaseback will allow you more time to search for the next house. Given the current market conditions, many buyers are open to this, so keep it in mind and discuss the pros and cons with your real estate agent.

3. Partner with the right agent. It’s especially crucial in today’s market to partner with the right agent. Not all agents are the same, and those who do a ton of business and have plenty of connections know of coming-soon properties and can give you access to them before they hit the market. They may also know of other options available to you. The right agent can pair the best options with your unique situation.

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