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How We Will Guarantee the Price You Want

We will guarantee that you sell at your preferred price.

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The Holz Real Estate Group is so confident we will get your required price range when you sell that we guarantee as much or else we’ll pay the difference. How can they make such a guarantee? Most agents in the industry are focused on making their clients happy and making them promises. We’re focused on delivering based on results and performance.

There are two fundamental areas where we separate ourselves from other agents in the industry. First off, we do what other agents don’t do (or haven’t been able to do), and that is study the market. On average, the turnover rate for real estate professionals in our industry is 80%. The Holz Real Estate Group is a team of agents with over 40 years of combined experience. The average agent also sells about 10 homes per year, but we sell a home every 68 hours.

This puts us in a unique position to know exactly what’s happening in the market and anticipate what’s next. We don’t just know about the market cycles—we’ve lived them, and this enables us to give you a competitive advantage with unmatched expertise. This unmatched expertise and experience enables us to outperform the market, with lower days on market and more money in your pocket.

“We’re focused on delivering based on results and performance.”

Our unmatched experience is then combined with our maximized marketing system. This is where the real results explode for you. When you hire us to sell your home, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing. The first things we provide are advanced digital and virtual experiences for our buyers, partnered with the No. 1 real estate brokerage backing us to give you maximum exposure in today’s market.

The second area is how we’re structured. We’re a team of real estate professionals instead of solo agents. There are so many solo agents out there, but think about it: How many times do you walk into a business where only one person is operating that business? There’s a lot at stake during a home sale, and because of that, you should have a whole team backing you to ensure you get results.

When you partner with us, we have a team of outside sales professionals that are experts in the field and know exactly what’s happening in the market, as well as inside sales professionals who are there to answer the phones and respond to the clicks on our digital marketing. That means no buyer is missed and you secure your price range. This is all supplemented by a top marketing team supporting you and your efforts and ensuring that we’re not just selling your home to any buyer—we’re selling it to the right buyer who’ll pay your price.

Give us a call today to start the conversation on what price makes sense for you to sell at and achieve your lifestyle goals. Take a stand for your home equity because we’ll stand behind our performance and guarantee your price range.

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