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Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Team

Here are the two main reasons to hire a team versus a solo agent.

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What’s the advantage of working with a real estate team? We recently had a client say the experience of working with our team was so wonderful and unexpected that they thought we should explain it more upfront. That got us thinking that we should also explain the true advantage of working with a real estate team versus a solo agent, so that’s what we’re doing today.

There are two main advantages of working with a team when buying or selling a home:

1. The team itself. You’ll have a whole team of real estate agents supporting you instead of a single agent who is spread thin among other clients. The Holz Group has 10 team members helping to support your goals. When you have a whole team focused on what you want to achieve, you get more attention, the process is less stressful, and we’re available more.

Especially if you’re selling your home, there are more hands on deck to juggle all the things that happen behind the scenes. Ensuring everything is done right means more money in your pocket. As a buyer specifically, working with a team means we have more access and exposure to the real estate market to find your next home.

2. Specialists. Each member of a team specializes in specific phases of the real estate process. When we have experts on listing, buying, keeping all the i’s dotted, and more, we have more experience in each part of the process. Who you work with matters because you’ll have more guidance on the current market conditions for negotiation, more money in your pocket, and you’ll win more often than not in this competitive landscape.

“You’ll have a whole team of real estate agents supporting you instead of a single agent who is spread thin.”

We believe our past clients say it best because they’re the ones who are truly living the experience. Though we promise to explain just how different we are, our clients can share what it’s genuinely like working with us.

If you’re a buyer looking for the right home and wanting to win when it pops up on the market, you want to work with a team of experts who can quickly get you access to properties and knows how to negotiate on your behalf. If you’re a seller who wants to get top dollar for your home, our listing team and marketing specialists will get you that by working together.

We’d be honored to have a conversation with you, whether you’d just like a simple strategy session or want to go ahead and interview our team for the job of helping you achieve your lifestyle goals. We’d love to sit down with you or chat on the phone about the different approach the Holz Group takes. If you have questions or want to speak to us about anything, call or email us. We’d be glad to help.

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