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You Didn’t Miss out on the Market

Autumn is an excellent time to make a move in our market.

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Around this time of year is when we hear from those thinking they missed the market. Many people think spring is the hottest and best time to make a move. Spring is a hot time for the market and a wonderful time to move, but it isn’t the only time. I want to dispel the myth that if you missed the spring market, you missed out on the whole market.

The autumn market is the second-busiest time of year, and there are plenty of benefits to moving during that season. There are some unique dynamics at play during the summer market that fuel the autumn market’s busyness. Living in the north, we love to enjoy the outdoors during the summer; we go on vacation, visit cabins, take road trips, and simply enjoy the season and take time to have fun. So from July to mid-August, there’s a natural lull in the market when all of us northerners enjoy mother nature. That energizes the high activity in the autumn market.

“Spring is a hot time for the market and a wonderful time to move, but it isn’t the only time.”

Currently, buyers are out shopping in a highly competitive market and have been experiencing high competition for the past year. In autumn, there’s less competition because not all buyers jump back into the market when those vacations have ended. If you buy a home in the autumn, you can negotiate for terms that are more favorable to you. If you’re considering making a move but life got too busy and you’re just now ready to take action, you don’t have to wait until next spring.

The autumn market is a great time to make a move. We’d be honored to have a strategy session with you about how you can take advantage of the autumn market. Give us a call or send an email if you want to speak to us or have any questions. We’d be honored to connect with you.

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