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Sell and Stay Flexible Move Program

This isn’t a traditional real estate market, so a traditional approach just won’t work. With homes selling so fast, trying to coordinate a home sale and purchase in the same 30-60 days can feel daunting. If rushed to make a decision, fearing they won’t find a home in the available move time of a tradition home sale, home sellers can feel forced to settle for something that isn’t a right fit for them. Or worse yet, fear being left without a home to move into. Add to that the inconvenience and extra costs of moving twice, no wonder sellers are looking for a different solution.

Our Sell and Stay Flexible Move Program breaks away from how traditional real estate agents sell homes. Eliminate the risk and uncertainty of squeezing your home sale and purchase into a tight timeframe. Gain a competitive advantage by selling first and gaining time to find your RIGHT home, giving you control of your closing date and move date.

In addition to marketing your home on all of the available home search platforms, right now we have over 2800 buyers in our database that may be looking for your home!! According to board of Realtor® statistics, our clients homes sell on average for 6.2% more money than the traditional agent and more than twice as fast!  Netting you almost $25,000* more than the average agent.  Our Sell and Stay Flexible Move Program is a win-win for you!   

Selling a home can be stressful!  Our goal is to make your next real estate move as easy as possible.  Our Sell and Stay Flexible Move Program solves all the problems of traditional agents giving you the maximum convenience and certainty with extra assurance and extra time!  Don’t lose control of your home sale with the traditional agent’s approach.  Break the tradition and go with the right solution for your move! 

Get your FREE report detailing our exclusive Sell and Stay Flexible Move Program here or CALL US now at 651-998-9829!

* Based on a $400,000 home sale.